War Stories Tablet Application concept

War Stories is a tablet application that helps gamers, from all different play styles, track their progress and achievements. The app concept incorporates; multi platform game tracking, social networking, Statistics and achievements, and an in app title tracker. War Stories brings all a gamers cherished experiences into one easy to use application, perfect to help them get better or re-live past glories.

This screen Prompts the user to either input their login info or sign
up. The sign in collects information such as user email and all
desired gaming devices they wish to have linked to their account.
User Profile
The Profile page show the users game specific information. This
includes The users gaming style based on seven game genres, a
recent played game, the gamers most played Characters, and the
top achievements.
Genre Graph
The genre graph shows what kind of games the user plays over
seven base game genres. The user can select any of the genres to
see what games they play within that selected genre. The list is
organized with the games played most at the top.
User Titles
Titles are an in app achievement tracker as well as a way for users to show
off their accomplishments from all their games. The titles come in three tiers,
bronze, silver, and gold and get harder to achieve the higher the tier is. the
user can select any of their completed titles as the title they are known for.
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